Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Formal Post #2

My goal has stayed the same and I'm more pumped about it after getting really positive feedback this morning. 

Action Research Project Question:
Can a board game be used to help students achieve PLP goals?

I spent some time thinking about quirky ideas for game cards. I also thought about how the goosechase app, and the book, Wreck This Journal, could be used as one of the tasks on a game card. (Wreck This Journal is an absurd journal with instructions to do things like drag your journal with a string, wear the journal for a day, etc)

The conversation I had this morning about bias, prejudices, sexism, and race had a great impact on me today. It was a great talk and got me thinking. I learned about a class that Burlington area teachers have been taking and will look into it. I mentioned the Bechtel Test and how I'd shared that with students and we used it as a way to analyze literature and movies we use in the class.

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  1. Matt, I really enjoyed our conversation yesterday, and your helping me understand gamification! I think you might benefit from looking at the Modules for Multiple Literacies and also Student Engagement. Let me know if they are helpful, and keep in touch via email. I'll be thinking of your family tomorrow.